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gen 1 buy

  1. N

    1995 Acura NSX Veilside Very Rare

    My custom Veilside, the only car of it's kind.
  2. flabuf

    Brakes Stop Tech Big Brake Kit with E Brake - $4,500 shipped

    Brand new StopTech Big Brake Kit with E-Brake for sale. I got this at the NSXPO auction this year not knowing I was going to buy a car with bigger brakes (new 2017 NSX) so they are yours for a song. Retail on this kit is appx. $5,300 + tax and it can be yours for $4,500. PM or call 941-232-8606
  3. NewEra

    Bose Speakers and Subwoofer for Sale

    Hey Prime, I'm stripping the stock audio system out of my car and replacing with modern components so won't be needing the stock stuff. I haven't used the stock radio once since buying the car in September so not completely sure of their condition, but they did produce sound when i turned the...
  4. T

    1991 - 1995 nsx

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for a 1991 or newer NSX. Low miles preferred. Any color, but must be original paint. My preference is black or white, but will consider other colors. Car must be in great mechanical condition with service records. Not interested in salvage, only Clean US titles. No...