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  1. C

    Interior Blitzsafe HON/M LINK V.1D Ipod adapter and iJet remote

    I am selling two items: Blitzsafe Ipod Adapter for the NSX and an Ipod Remote (iJet brand) Blitzsafe Ipod adapter for the NSX - works great with all model years. The model number is HON/M LINK V.1D. It works great, not to mention is super simple to install. All you have to do is unplug...
  2. chussey

    GROM Audio USB and Android Adapter for stock Stereo

    GROM-AND2-MBUS Interface Allows you to keep your OEM head unit in place. Connects to CD changer port Listen to songs or audio books on USB flash drive or Android phone (using AALinQ app) Folders in the USB drive are mapped to an individual "Disc" button on head unit. Android phone charging...
  3. DopeScope

    Installing GROM-BT3 for bluetooth

    Hey everyone, hoping someone might be able to help me out. I recently bought the GROM-BT3 with the HON92 cable in order to get bluetooth audio to my OEM stereo. It installs into the trunk just fine, however the signal from my phone to it is fairly bad. I get gaps in the audio and what not so...
  4. schuey1010

    GROM iphone/ipod adapter for changer.

    Up for sale today is the GROM iphone/ipod adapter out of my NSX. Great little unit that hooks into your changer wire and allows control of your product through the stock stereo. Easy hook up right behind the seat, the changer wire is connected there. I believe it was about $85 plus shipping when...
  5. C

    iPod adapter - Grom Audio