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  1. Nero Tenebre

    Wheels Volk Racing Wheels: GT-V 17/18 or 18/19

    Thought I'd just put a feeler out so if you've got a set you're wanting to sell, please PM include asking price, known defects, exact sizes and offsets if available, and also color and even tires/condition if known. Bonus points for knowing the Disk/Face type as they must clear BBK, preferably...
  2. S

    looking for Volks GT-V 18, 19 Mercury Silver!

    I'm looking for used Volks GT-V 18s in front, 19s in rear in Mercury Silver. Please PM me!!! i really need some new wheels, but don't want to spend a bundle... if you have tires with it, that'd be great.
  3. S

    What's the best offset for the Volk GT-V, 18x7.5/19x10.5?

    I'm very interested in buying the Volk GT-V Mercury Silver rims for my 1997 NSX-T that's completely stock. I'm going for the staggered aggressive look, wanting 18x7.5 for the fronts and 19x10.5 for the rear. Would it be flush to my car since it's stock and not a widebody? Also, what would be the...