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  1. Risen

    Forced Induction MSL Engine Harness AEM EMS Series 1 for 1997-2005 OBD2 NSX + Split Second VC2 Voltage

    MSL Enginess Harness that allows you to use AEM EMS Series 1 with 1997-2005 OBD2 NSX. Also comes with Split Second VC2 Voltage Clamp. $220 shipped.
  2. S

    Aftermarket door speaker install question re: wiring.

    A couple of my stock Bose amps have started to go the way of a screeching popping death, so I've decided to take on a technology refresh and update both the headunit, and speakers in one fell swoop. I've done headunit swaps on other cars, and also upgraded speakers, but none of those cars had...
  3. G

    Sparco harness

    Would you track guys use a sparco harness that was certified in 2009 today? I know race class cars are required to change there harnesses every 2 years but it's not required in time trial. Thoughts?
  4. Stevon

    91 to 96 Misclaneous parts for sale

    Have a few parts left over from my project of making one NSX out of 2 wrecks. Will only accept money order (fast shipping) or personal check (wait till clears). Shipping will be calculated based on size and weight of items shipped and speed desired for shipping time. Buyer pays all shipping in...