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Aftermarket door speaker install question re: wiring.

10 April 2009
Somewhere north of Toronto...
A couple of my stock Bose amps have started to go the way of a screeching popping death, so I've decided to take on a technology refresh and update both the headunit, and speakers in one fell swoop.

I've done headunit swaps on other cars, and also upgraded speakers, but none of those cars had such fussy amplified setups as the NSX - they were always just unplug old, plug in new, maybe add an amp, done.

My question is specifically around the wiring for door speakers. Since the Bose door units are amplified I'm assuming the wiring running to them is signal level not speaker.

So... are people re-using any of the stock Bose wiring in the doors when they replace the units with aftermarket speakers? Or is it basically required to run new speaker wire into the doors? Is there any plug/play kit to accomplish re-using the stock wiring harness with an aftermarket headunit and speakers (not at the headunit end, at the speaker end of the harness)

I've searched for a DIY guide or thread showing what people have done specifically for wiring aftermarket component speakers in the door position but I"ve come up empty after reading everything in this forum.
The Bose speakers in the NSX are connected to a Bose amp. Using the existing wires maybe tricky. Installing newer wires connected to an amp has been done. Also, BrianK rebuilds your stock amp/speakers. He has done mine and his work is highly professional. I've installed an after market head unit and used the SOS wiring harness.
The signal wires to the speakers are really thin, 24 gauge or maybe even thinner. You'd want to run in some new wires, especially if you're planning to run an amp.
Yes, the OEM wiring is line level voltage and yes, the wire is thinner but you are correct in stating that very few people have gone this route and I don't think anyone has ever posted pictures. It really depends on how much power you'll be driving. If you're trying to win a decibel contest, you're not going to do it with the OEM wiring. However, I put in a centralized amp a few years ago; used the OEM wiring and speakers; and just bypassed the amps in the doors and I'm satisfied. However, I'm a little advanced in age and don't usually crank it up that loud. YMMV.