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  1. Big McLargeHuge

    WTB: Upper & Lower Expansion Tank Hoses

    Hey all, I'm looking for qty(1) each of the upper and lower hoses to the coolant expansion tank, should be shared with all years of NSX. Parts are 19103-PR7-A00 and 19104-PR7-A00. I'm in a bit of a bind since the silicone hoses I got are too big for the OEM clamps and worm drive clamps just...
  2. C

    Good maintenance/fix recommendations

    Hello, I am a new NSX owner, who imported a 1991 JDM NSX, through JDM Expo Co. I have searched other threads and found very good tips, but am starting this thread to try and consolidate as many good maintenance recommendations as possible. My car will be going into to a shop for its first round...
  3. K

    Sourcing NA1 radiator hoses is very frustrating

    I'm still waiting on one of my radiator hoses... 7 months and counting..:mad: In May, I mistakenly bought a LHD hose but thankfully I recently sold it to another NSX prime member. He told me that some NA1 LHD radiator hoses were becoming discontinued and other hoses he was told were due Jan...
  4. jond

    23 Coolant hose kit -- what other hoses to replace?

    I bought the 23 coolant hose kit from science of speed. What other hoses do people replace? My car is 15 years old with all original rubber. I'm going in for my 2nd TB/WP and figured now is the time. Doing everything preventive that I can. Recos? The kit I have so far includes: 1 HOSE E...
  5. Yinzer

    Prospective puchase's maintenance history question - glass half empty or half full?

    I have 2 question for anyone who's willing: one specific to an NSX I'm considering and one that's a somewhat philosophical question to NSX/car shopping in general. #1) I'm looking at an early NA1 with ~70k miles that has the following records. I don't believe the pile of records is complete...