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ignition coils

  1. bcthecarguy

    Set of OEM Honda ignition coils, coil packs - From 91 NSX with 63k miles (fits 91-94)

    Asking $325 $300 with free shipping within the U.S. These OEM Honda ignition coils came from my 91 NSX with only 63k miles on the ODO. They were working perfectly when removed in March 2024. I went with a new set of coils I had available in my shop. Truthfully, I cannot tell a difference in the...
  2. R0Y

    FYI - what your old ignition coils could look like

    just wanted to post some pictures of my old ignition coils... I've been having some misfiring issues for quite a while (mostly when it's damp out) FYI .... here are some pictures of what they look like note: the worst ones are the Rear coils from passenger side to driver side... and if any of...