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FYI - what your old ignition coils could look like


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6 May 2006
just wanted to post some pictures of my old ignition coils...
I've been having some misfiring issues for quite a while (mostly when it's damp out)

FYI .... here are some pictures of what they look like
note: the worst ones are the Rear coils from passenger side to driver side...

and if any of you need to get the coils i highly recommend Eric (Teknotik) :encouragement:
he's got a few sets in stock when he ordered mine and price is definitely better the dealer


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oh yeah..... I already Ordered those gaskets for both coil covers....
this is what was left of it currently lol
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My car had a bad hesitation and when I took out my coilpacks they looked 10x worse than those. I'd add checking the coilpacks on the to do list when cleaning the air filter.
Gaskets on the cover or not this can still be an issue. The gasket only covers one side of the coil cover, so water can still get in. Its usually the rear bank that this happens to first because of the coils being under the window glass/duct. Its "almost" a deign flaw, but becomes a problems as the cars age and seals and gaskets dry out and crank/deplete. The later coils were changed to have a cover over part of the exposed as seen below. I had the same issue on my car. I really saw the ignition signal breakup when i had it on the dyno in the higher RPM. Keep in mind this wont cause a check engine light either in most cases....

the big question is can you use the later coils on the earlier engine...

i know there's the 2 wire to 3 wire connector issue to be overcome, but what other issues are there?
Has your misfiring issue been resolved? I'm having some hesitation while starting with a warm engine. Seeing if this could be the cause.

car feels so much better after replacing the coils...
no more misfiring or hesitation :)

b4 replacing the coils... the misfiring is the worst when idling and at low rpm when dry...
and if it's damp out then it'll misfire randomly at any rpm almost as if the traction control kept going off if u know what i mean
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the big question is can you use the later coils on the earlier engine...

i know there's the 2 wire to 3 wire connector issue to be overcome, but what other issues are there?

Thats a big issue as the connectors are not interchangeable but the newer coils are also larger and sits almost an inch taller and requires 95 and up coil covers.
This might sounds funny but to avoid water build up in the rear bank, coil place or anywhere after every car wash I always jack up my car left side first and leave it jack for about a 1min or so so water that it trap somewhere dip out and then go to the right side and do the same thing. By the time I'm done with the jacking all the water that is trap anywhere or build up is all dip out/off where its trap. After that, no worries about water getting stuck and then start drying off the car. I been doing this since my first NSX. Lol...:biggrin:

I know it sounds funny but hey it works! :wink:

- - - Updated - - -

You'll be surprise how much water is trap on the car after a wash and when you jack up your NSX from side to side you see what I'm talking about. Try this guys and let me know what you think?! LOL...