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  1. zhaninsx

    Metromile insurance

    I'm wondering if anyone here has tried or is using Metromile insurance for their NSX. I got a quote from them yesterday for my 98 NSX and its almost half what I am currently paying with State Farm ($192 instead of $386 every six months, Metromile has the better deductibles). The caveat is that...
  2. Yawwn

    Best way to get sold pricing on NSX for insurance valuation purposes

    Hey fellow enthusiasts, I wanted to ask how is the best method of getting comparables of recently sold NSXs? I got into a car accident with my silver NSX, and the insurance is providing bad comps of sold cars that are not even in my state. They are using Mitchell to figure out the values. I'm...
  3. HKF

    Insurance coverage for the GTA help please!!

    After agreeing to a purchase of a 91 NSX, I found out from my insurance company (Belairdirect) that they don't insure cars greater than 15 years old. Mad calls to Intact, State Farm, and Aviva ranges from $1850/yr (Aviva) to $3000/yr for full coverage, including collisions. TD Monnex hasn't...
  4. jaja

    OPCF 19a with Non-Collecter Insurance Company

    I'm wondering if anyone has been in this situation before. I'm looking to purchase an NSX and would LOVE to be put on a Collecter Car insurance company like Lant/Hagerty/SilverWheels etc. HOWEVER, my car qualifys, but I do not: (under 25, less than 10 years of driving experience, no DD). I'm...
  5. jaja

    NSX Appraisals In Durham Region

    Hey guys, I'm looking for an appraisal on an NSX in the durham region, specifically Pickering. I know there are many automotive appraisal specialists in Ontario, I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a particular appraisal service for me? Also, if you could let me know how long it...
  6. Which insurance company are you with?

    I'm currently insured with Start Farm, but their policies are expensive and is only 6 months ($220 a month). I decided to shop around and Belaire Direct is pretty cheap ($130 a month). But to insure the NSX with full coverage, they require a safety test (again) AND an appraisal. No way am I...