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NSX Appraisals In Durham Region

25 September 2012
Markham, Ontario, Canada
Hey guys,

I'm looking for an appraisal on an NSX in the durham region, specifically Pickering.

I know there are many automotive appraisal specialists in Ontario, I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a particular appraisal service for me?

Also, if you could let me know how long it took from booking to the actual appraisal that would be greatly appreciated.

I'm looking to possibly purchase an NSX but I cannot get accurate quotes from insurance companies / won't be able to fill in a OPCF 19a document without an appraisal. So I'd need an appraisal done relatively quick from the signing of the bill of sale to being able to drive the NSX on the road.


I had my own NSX as well as several of our customer cars done by RJ Vintage Garage. The owners name is Ron Wilson. I'd highly recommend him.

He knows the cars quite well (which is rare for an appraiser who do mostly classics). He will come right to you.

Great service, very friendly and very complete. He prepares a full 18 page colour document going over every aspect of the car and photos for your own records/ insurance company.

You can give him a call at 705-878-2372.
yuppers Ron will be seeing my car this Afternoon :)

- - - Updated - - -

Just got in touch with Ron, swell guy! awesome to deal with!