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  1. Big McLargeHuge

    1995 JDM NSX-T Dates of Manufacture for Importing to U.S.

    Hello everyone, I'm looking into the process to import a 1995 Japanese NSX-T with M/T (edit: not anymore, read below) within a couple of months and I'm trying to learn what months that the '95 Targa began production in Japan to satisfy the 25 year import rule (:mad:) in the U.S. The only info...
  2. MITA Motorsports


    Hi NSX Prime, I am a follower on Facebook but not so much on the forums. Some prime users have actually bought some OEM NSX Parts off me, whether it is off Yahoo Auction or from Honda. Just wanting to say hello and feel free to message me if you're looking for something. you can find more...
  3. K

    NSX Owners Japan

    I checked out many of the posts here and didn't really see much activity going on. I'm looking to do a small roll call on NSX owners who are here in Japan. Maybe we can organize events and get together sometime. I also wouldn't mind creating a facebook group as well for easier contact if it...
  4. K

    New NSX NA1 Owner (Japan) / New Prime member

    Good Day, I recently just picked up a black 1991 NA1 Honda NSX. It has about 134,000 KM on the odometer and is in pretty good condition from what I can tell. The clutch is a little rough mainly coming out of first gear but seems to smoothen out in other gears. I only have one picture for now...
  5. sporteknik

    Rare JDM Honda NSX Tail Light Set

    Available is a rare set Japanese market (JDM) Honda NSX tail lights in excellent condition. $700 Shipped - Payment via PayPal
  6. Track Addict

    Another Hero in Japan

    This is an article taken from the LA Times, I briefly searched and couldn't find anything on Prime about this incredible guy. Sorry if it's a repost: I don't know if I would have been able to do what he did.