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main relay

  1. 03 raw nsx

    Clicking behind driver seat - sounds like someone is doing morse code

    Hey Guys, I have a clicking sound like a relay opening and closing quickly behind the left seat. It sounds like some is tapping Morse code. Car drives fine and there isn't any CEL's. I haven't pulled the panel cover to check yet. TIA Rich Wong
  2. C

    Strange electrical gremlin on start up - Main relay issue?

    Experienced a strange issue with my 95 NSX-T (4 speed automatic) this weekend. Drove the car to the store. Came back out to the car park and turned the key to start the car and just got a lot of clicking from the relays behind the seats. Switched the ignition back to the off position and then...
  3. C

    Brand new: Main relay 39400-SL0-A01

    !!!SOLD!!! Main relay, part number 39400-SL0-A01, brand new in bag, never opened, never used. PLEASE NOTE: this is the part for 1995-2005 models only! For 1991-1994, you are looking for part number 39400-SL0-003 instead! $70 shipped to your door in CONUS! Please contact me at...
  4. usafdarkhorse

    Car died and will not start. Ideas?

    Today I was driving home and got to the entrance of the neighborhood when a guy at a lube shop waved at me to come over. Since I'm happy to show anyone the car, I obliged and pulled around and went in. After walking around the car for about 10 minutes, I go to leave. I sit down, turn the key...