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  1. Track Junkie

    Brakes ABS Modulator, rebuilt - NA1

    Zero hours on completely refreshed and tested ABS modulator from 1992; originally listed in this thread as part of full assembly. Solenoids cleaned a 2nd time May 17, 2017 (with no debris showing) after separating from pump and accumulator. Modulator has 48,767 miles on it (other than...
  2. KrayziE RussiaN

    Brakes 1991+ NSX NA1 ABS ALB Anti Lock Brake Modulator, Brake Pump, Accumulator

    This is a good used ABS/ALB modulator unit, Accumulator and Pump that came out of a running and driving 1991 NSX. This unit has been sitting around in my garage for about 3 years now. It's time to let it go! I no longer have my NSX and slowly selling off my parts. Please ask any and all...
  3. kuni

    Brakes 91-99 ABS system complete (modulator, pump, accumulator) from 98 NA2

    I recently did the 00+ ABS upgrade w/ a NA2 NSX-R modulator, so my old ABS system is up for sale. I'm selling the complete system as it came out of my car with modulator, pump, accumulator, and assorted hoses/brackets. It comes with some, but not all of the hard lines. The system was working...