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na2 exhaust

  1. Big McLargeHuge

    Exhaust WTB NA2 Exhaust Manifold Gasket

    Hi all, I'm looking to get one (x1) more of the updated NA2 exhaust manifold gasket, P/N 18115-PBY-J02. It's backordered at Acura and I need one more soon to do my header swap. LMK if you have anything available, or maybe if you know of an aftermarket version that also has the slightly bigger...
  2. kuni

    Exhaust Ohnishi Heat Magic JDM custom titanium NA2 exhaust

    Selling my beloved Ohnishi Heat Magic custom titanium NA2 exhaust. Thought I'd keep this for as long as I owned the car but ended up going w/ full GT-One so I'm letting this go - a bunch of you guys have asked me about selling the exhaust before, so here's your chance. This is a one-off made...