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    Just finished my 1995 NSX wide body build...there is a few changes. The side mirrors were actually removed from the car door and placed on the pillar and the rear has a custom diffuser ....I think it all meshes well together. Oh and yes, those are yellow fender shields BUT they have the Acura...
  2. G


    Why isnt there any significant engine swaps made for NSX? I can only find K20 swaps but nothing crazy like V10 or V12? Is it just too hard to fit bigger engine for mid engine car with transversely mounted engine and transmission?
  3. Nsxylover

    How to gain power on Honda nsx?

    Good morning nsx lovers and haters! I came up with th question about,,,”How to gain power on Honda nsx 1st gen”. So, it won’t be big damage for car itself, still being fuel efficient,,, disclaimer, I don’t want to have a nos under my passenger seat like Paul Walker.😅 Indeed, there are lots of...
  4. C

    Secure Parking Needed for my NSX taking a cruise out of Seattle

    Hi All, This is the first time I have posted, my boyfriend and I are driving to Seattle in his NSX and taking an Alaskan cruise, we need a secure covered parking spot while we are gone, any suggestions...I've never been to Seattle before and I am at a loss, perhaps a Hotel with a garage? Any...
  5. H

    Powertrain FS: Brand New OEM Twin Clutch replacment Friction Disk set

    For sell Brand New OEM Acura/Honda parts, Twin clutch replacement Friction Disk set with middle pressure plate Spring Damper and washer 19.6mm For 91-96 5 speed with OEM twin clutch kit and 97-05 6 speed with OEM twin clutch kit 1 x #3 22200-PR7-305...