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nsxpo hpde

  1. jcbadcura

    NSXPO 2017 Photography- Halston Pitman/Honda Jet Shoot

    Hello All- Since this info. was buried in another thread, I'll post this to make everyone aware of where they can find the photography done by Halston Pitman. As mentioned in the other thread, this includes the HondaJet shoot, the HPDE and much more! Halston was commissioned by the NSXPO...
  2. kuni

    NSXPO HPDE video(s)

    Surprised I haven't seen any videos from the HPDE yet! Here's a lap I recorded - not particularly fast since I was still figuring out the track and my camera ran out of batteries after the 2nd session. Still, you can get an idea of how the track flows: <iframe...