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  1. M

    For Sale: Used OEM Honda/Acura NSX Power Window Switches - Driver and Passenger Side

    For Sale: Used OEM Honda/Acura NSX Power Window Switches/Regulators - Driver Side (Honda part #: 35750-SL0-A01ZA) and Passenger Side (Honda part #: 35760-SL0-A01ZA); Both in good working condition, and plastic connectors are intact- both driver and passenger switches have a very minor, barely...
  2. M

    USED - OEM Acura NSX Power Window Regulator (Driver's Side)

    For Sale: Used, but in great working/operational condition - OEM Honda/Acura NSX Power Window Regulator, Driver's side (left-hand drive), Part #: 72250-SLO-AO2. These are becoming more and more rare, and difficult to get. Asking $325 shipped OBO - Thank you!
  3. jond

    WTB Power Steering Rack -- 1997-2000

    I'm looking for a 1997-2000 Power Steering Rack. Part number is: 53601-SL0-A04 Please PM if you have one. Thanks, Jon EDIT: Found a rack. Thanks Prime! .
  4. J

    FS: Methanol Injection kit SNOW PERFORMANCE brand

  5. S

    Voltage Gauge Flickering. Check Engine Light On. Can Anyone Help?

    I have a 97 NSX-T with 110k miles on it. It had all its services and replacements done in time. With that said... The Check Engine light came on last night. Didn't have a problem the previous day. Then I notice that the pointer in the Voltage Gauge started to flicker and would stay a notch...