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  1. Track Junkie

    Aftermarket Parts

    Garage/Moving Sale! No interest in moving these. All parts in Boulder, CO off a '92. Does not include shipping. Pics below in the following order: AEM Series 1 EMS - $150 SOLD Driving Ambition Dual Pass Radiator w/Spal fan - $150 SOLD Dali Straight Pipes - $30 SOLD Big Brake Kit Spare...
  2. M

    OEM Acura Showa Aluminum Radiator - Used, good condition

    Good condition Showa Aluminum OEM NSX Radiator, approximately 50k miles, great working condition, no leaks or damage to end caps, mounting points in great condition, etc. Part #: 19010-PR7-A03. Includes what is shown in the photos - drain petcock, mounting nuts, etc. Located in Houston, TX -...
  3. chussey

    WANTED: Radiator front duct

    Looking for the air duct that connects the bumper to the radiator.
  4. JoeBEZSLU

    Exterior 1st gen front full clip - WTB

    after trying to be cool on the race track, now looking for parts as of 6/4/2018. need front clip and lots else including radiator i know i reached out to many of you already on facebook, but trying here as well. i want to keep the pop ups cause i like the look better - just need the headlight...
  5. K

    Sourcing NA1 radiator hoses is very frustrating

    I'm still waiting on one of my radiator hoses... 7 months and counting..:mad: In May, I mistakenly bought a LHD hose but thankfully I recently sold it to another NSX prime member. He told me that some NA1 LHD radiator hoses were becoming discontinued and other hoses he was told were due Jan...
  6. K

    Bottom right hand side Radiator hose confusion

    Got my package of coolant hoses for a complete changeover of the old ones (I blewout one of the big six) In planning the changeover, I think I know where just about every hose goes on the car, except for the 19501-PR7-A00 as suggested by the NSX Wiki Coolant hoses guide. Looking at the hose...
  7. DopeScope

    Leaking radiator bleed plug, direct replacement?

    I noticed that my radiator has had a relatively slow leak which seems to be coming from the bleed plug. I haven't noticed any other issues and my coolant expansion tank is filled to the line so I don't think I've lost too much coolant over time. Anyways, my question is, can I simply buy a new...
  8. chussey

    New in Box Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator 91-05

    Brand new Mishimoto all aluminum radiator. Fits all years NSX. Never even removed from the box. $300 shipped in the lower 48.
  9. dlynes

    Koyo Radiator thoughts

    Guys, After 15 years my OEM radiator started leaking from the bottom of the radiator. Instead of trying to fix it, I chose to pay the $370 (shipped) and order Koyo Radiator. Looks lot better than the original...all SS is slick. I haven't noticed anything on the performance/cooling as I have...
  10. Cantrell Concepts

    Something everyone needs. Radiator shield, rock and debris protection. Closeout price

    Payment Methods Accepted : Paypal, payments(at)cantrellconcepts.com, replace (at) with @. Estimated Delivery Time / Date: 1week after received all payment. Product Pricing :$40.00 Shipping Costs :$15 US $28 CND This is something every car should have. Protect the NSXs expensive radiator...
  11. Track Junkie

    OEM Radiator

    Only used 2500 miles; normal amount of fin damage, no leaks. Includes hoses. OEM cost: $900+; Asking: $349. Photos of this and other related parts here: http://dbmpub.home.comcast.net/ Note: Price excludes buyer-paid shipping and 3% Paypal fee. Questions? PM me or email [email protected]...
  12. Track Junkie

    Dual Spal Radiator Fans w/Shroud

    Dual Spal 12" radiator fans w/custom shroud for OEM radiator, Spal Part #30102029 (Old #:VA10-AP70/LL-61A) 2900+ CFM!! My cost: $494; Asking: $299. More info on fans here: http://www.spalusa.com/store/Main.aspx?p=itemdetail&item=30102029 Photos attached; see this and other related parts here...
  13. Track Junkie

    Spal Radiator Fan

    Spal 13" radiator fan, 1710 CFM. My cost: $134; Asking: $99. Photos of this and other related parts here: http://dbmpub.home.comcast.net/ or here for Flash version: http://dbmpub.home.comcast.net/NSX_P...ectflash=false Note: Price excludes buyer-paid shipping and 3% Paypal fee. Questions? PM...