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road trip

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    NSX Test drive/Road trip

    Hey guys, I bought an '92 NSX this past May from fellow NSXprime member 4chin500 (I think that's his handle on here) having never even driven an NSX before. The price was right and I figured that even if I hated it, I could sell it back in Los Angeles and break even... I'm the editor at...
  2. S

    Favorite memory in your beloved NSX

    Hey guys, Just curious what's your favorite memory in your NSX? I'd have to say mine was when I first bought my 92 and decided to go on a little road trip along the coast of Cali on HWY 1. It was a perfect Cali day with the sun shinning and blue skies. I then took to the road! The car...
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    A 36 hour Sierra Nevada Road Trip

    Hearing that all the passes were still open, I jumped in my 94, and head out to the Sierras. I cannot imagine a better car for such a trip. It cruises with such poise and smoothness on long stretches of US 395, while it roars up the steep hill towards Sonora Pass. Its suspension is compliant...