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Favorite memory in your beloved NSX

2 January 2012
Sacramento, CA
Hey guys, Just curious what's your favorite memory in your NSX? I'd have to say mine was when I first bought my 92 and decided to go on a little road trip along the coast of Cali on HWY 1. It was a perfect Cali day with the sun shinning and blue skies. I then took to the road! The car responded beautifully with the twists and turns of the highway, the sense of car and driver connection was unreal. Top it off with the breathtaking California coastline and it doesn't get much better than that for me. I continued my trip through So Cal and ended up in Vegas. What made the trip extra special is I had Just got back from a 8 mo deployment, so it was like sensory overload! So much fun. Ok your turn... :biggrin:
Favorite memory so far has to be on my 3yr old son's bday this april. I just got the car in March and it was a beautiful 70 degree day, we left Long Island on the way upstate and he was so excited that he talked half way up to Bear Mtn until he fell asleep. We had lunch and he was so excited as we drove through Harriman state park and all the fun roads. I was learning the car and comparing how much more in touch I was with the car, so differnt from my M3 or E63 had felt.
I enjoyed it most bc my son always talks about the drive and loves being in the NSX
Coming back from an NSXPO in the middle of nowhere running for hours at a time at 125 with the new stereo cranked up.....