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  1. W

    Wheel Tire Shock setup for comfortable ride

    I am a new owner of my first NSX, a stock 1992, and want a reasonably comfortable ride. It came with 16" - 17" wheels mounted, and also included the original 15" -16" wheels. Tires will need to be replaced. For comfort, should I continue with the 16" - 17" , probably opting for Michelin PS4...
  2. 03 raw nsx

    Eibach Pro Springs - Bilstein or Koni

    I have Eibach Pro Springs on OE shocks now. I'm happy with the ride height but I don't like the bottoming out on the SF streets. Will changing to Bilstein HD or Koni fix this problem? And if I use Billsteins will have to use the upper perch with the Eibach Pro springs? I have read that the...