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suspension noise

  1. 03 raw nsx

    NSX-R Front Chassis Reinforcement Bars - Install issue

    Anyone with the NSX-R Front Chassis Reinforcement Bars, https://www.scienceofspeed.com/index.php/nsx/epp/chassis-reinforcement/nsx-r-front-chassis-reinforcement-bars.html I installed these years ago per instructions with no issues at the time. Trackspec just did a noise issue repair and during...
  2. U

    Low Speed Rear Wheel Popping Noise

    My '03 makes an odd noise at very low speeds. When pulling away from a stop (forward or reverse) a noise comes from the driver side rear wheel area that sounds like "pop... pop...poppop...pop pop...pop". It sounds like a compressed spring being unloaded in small steps (brake?). I dont hear the...