1. nsxnemo

    GREYMRKT - NSX Battery Tray for Antigravity Battery

    GREYMRKT - NSX specific battery tray for Antigravity Battery model# ATX-20 or ATX30 (BATTERY NOT INCLUDED) This is a: Direct vendor group buy Minimum Number of Units: 20 Maximum Number of Units: Unlimited Closing Date: 8/31/22 Product Will Ship: After the group buy is closed Payment...
  2. phryxis

    Kinetic Custom Machine Battery Tray and Shorai Lithium Iron Battery Package

    We are transitioning from our original group buy, and this will now be the general info and discussion thread for our CNC machined tray and Shorai LFX36L3-BS12 lithium iron battery package. You can now purchase the package directly off of our website: Also, use the...