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GREYMRKT - NSX Battery Tray for Antigravity Battery

2 March 2009
So Cal
GREYMRKT - NSX specific battery tray for Antigravity Battery model# ATX-20 or ATX30 (BATTERY NOT INCLUDED)

This is a: Direct vendor group buy

Minimum Number of Units: 20

Maximum Number of Units: Unlimited

Closing Date: 8/31/22

Product Will Ship: After the group buy is closed

Payment Procedure: No deposit, payment due prior to shipping

Payment Methods Accepted: PayPal at [email protected] (Please include your Prime name in the payment notes, shipping address and battery tray year and size)

Estimated Delivery Time / Date: 8/31/22

Product Pricing: $250 (includes tray and bolts)

Shipping & Insurance Costs: $15 UPS within US. Please contact me for international shipping.

Signup List:

1. MANIACura - 91-96 ATX30 - shipped
2. imdbui - 91-96 ATX30 - shipped
3. dark_rican - 91-96 ATX30 - shipped
4. bogle - 91-96 ATX30 - shipped
5. tle - 91-96 ATX30 - shipped
6. JakeJ - 91-96 ATX20 - shipped
7. KoalaFD - 91-96 ATX30 - shipped
8. SpeedAddict502 - 91-96 ATX30 - shipped
9. MrHugo - 91-96 ATX30
10. Ready2RetireAt21 - 91-96 ATX30 - shipped
11. bngl3rt - 91-96 ATX30 - shipped
12. Soundeffects - 91-96 ATX30
13. Walt Mitty - 91-96 ATX30 - shipped
14. Edwin - 91-96 ATX30 - shipped
15. asmallz - 91-96 ATX30
16. Adrian - 91-96 ATX30

Product Info, Photos, etc.:

These battery trays are specifically designed for the NSX and Antigravity Battery ATX-20 or ATX-30 with no drilling required. Direct bolt on. There are 4 variations to choose from.

  • '91-'96 ATX-20
  • ‘97-'05 ATX-20
  • ‘91-'96 ATX-30
  • ‘97-'05 ATX-30

What's included:

  • CNC machined battery tray in 6061 aluminum (blasted and anodized in gunmetal)
  • Mounting hardware in stainless steel

Why Antigravity Battery?

Lightweight and compact with more CCA power. The latest in technology including a built-in jump starter.

"The revolutionary ATX-20-RS RE-START Battery intelligently monitors its status, and just before going completely dead puts itself to sleep with just enough energy to get your vehicle started again. Simply press the RE-START button located on the battery, start your vehicle and drive away… No more dead battery emergencies or being stranded!"

Restart demonstration video

The ATX-20-RS provides 680 CCA, 20Ah and weighs 3.8 lbs. Restart feature.
The ATX-30-RS provides 880 CCA, 32Ah and weighs 5.75 lbs. Restart feature.

These battery trays also work with the heavy duty version.

The ATX-20-HD provides 900 CCA, 30Ah and weighs 5.18 lbs. No restart feature.
The ATX-30-HD provides 970 CCA, 48Ah and weighs 7.81 lbs. No restart feature.

‘97-'05 NA2-ATX20

'91-'96 NA1-ATX20

'91-'96 NA1-ATX20 & '91-'96 NA1-ATX20

‘97-'05 NA2-ATX20

'91-'96 NA1-ATX20

'91-'96 NA1-ATX20 & '91-'96 NA1-ATX20

'91-'96 NA1-ATX20 & '91-'96 NA1-ATX30

'91-'96 NA1-ATX30

Additional Information:

Here are a couple of links to purchase the battery from:


Contact me for special NSX coupon code from either site!!
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I have the ATX20 from the first group buy and asked about the ATX30. Happy to see it will be made as well. Please place me on the list for a 91-96 ATX30.
Can you make it for the Antigravity V-10?
FYI to those that are on the list, trays are almost complete and requests will be fulfilled. Thanks for your patience and support!
Please add me to this list if possible. I’ll PM for payment and coupon code.

91-96 ATX30

@MrHugo i chose the ATX 30 as my optima Redtop has 720 CCA. Plus, the additional weight over the ATX20 is negligible. And the savings in weight over my current battery is ~26lbs.