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  1. Track Junkie

    PTE 680cc Injectors

    Injectors need o-ring set but otherwise perfect and have less than 1 hour on them (dyno only): PTE #043-0680; 680cc. My cost: $500; asking price: $380. Photos of this and other related parts here: http://dbmpub.home.comcast.net/ or here for Flash version...
  2. Track Junkie

    PTE SC6152 Turbocharger

    Have returned my '92 to NA after FI project ended in failure on Dyno (head gasket). Turbo is perfect and has less than 1 hour on it (dyno only): PTE SC6152 w/.68 A/R T4 housing; 4" inlet, 2.5" discharge; rated at 650hp. My cost: $1215; fire sale price: $749. Photos of this and other...
  3. T

    Import face off Houston Aug 1st and 2nd

    Come out for the cars, come out for the racing, come out for the ladies. Something for everyone. Come by the Turbochargers.com booth to see our twin turbo widebody IS-f and Scott's daily driven turbo NSX. We will have parts galore and will be ready to make some serious deals!!! Come out and...
  4. snglturbosupra

    2001 Red/Tan 02 update Rebuilt Title VIN# JH4NA21601T000094

    Hey guys. Time has come where i need to sell the nsx. The car does have a rebuilt title from a light rear end hit. I do have pictures of the damage. this was back in 2003. It's been to Acura and when I tell them it was hit in the rear and had a rebuilt title they dont believe me since there is...
  5. KrayziE RussiaN

    When it sounds too good to be true... LOL

    Just another fine example of when it sounds too good to be true... It probably is... LOL... :rolleyes: With a $9000 buy-it now, I'd like to buy 10 of these!!! :biggrin...