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  1. Big McLargeHuge

    WTB: 5-Speed Transmission w/JDM Short Gears & 4.23 Final Drive

    See actual post below :wink:
  2. N-Wing

    WANTED: Camber Kit - For Lowered Car

    UPDATE: I have the rear kit in route. I'm now looking for a FRONT kit. I'm looking to get a hold of a camber kit for a lowered car to get back to street compliant alignment. I know it's a tough one to run down but I figured I would give it a shot on this while I continue to look. PM Me.
  3. A

    Nsx wheels wanted

    Hi i am a current 2nd GEN NSX owner and i want to buy this set of NSX wheels and or trade my set for your set. the set of NSX wheel i want are pictured in the first jpg and the set that i have for trade for the set that i want are in the 2nd jpg. thanks! James :smile:
  4. NSXVice

    WTB Automatic Transmission NSX T 1995 to 2001. May consider 2002+

    WTB Automatic Transmission NSX T 1995 to 2005 If you have an automatic or know anyone who has one and wants to sell please PM me or respond to this thread. I am looking for something under 100K miles. No mods at all. 100% OEM only. Clean title is a must. Any part of the country is ok.
  5. 808NESSEX

    Headers SOS or CT Headers with adapters for 1992

    If anyone is changing their setup or have an extra set of headers please PM me. Thanks. Please include a price.
  6. K

    Wanted: Sub 80k mile NSX. Preferred Black/Black, will consider other colors.

    Looking for a "low mileage"(sub 80k mile) NSX in black/black leather. My next preferred color is white/black, will also consider silver, yellow. Shoot, I'll consider any color(except for RED, no offense to all the beautiful red NSX's :smile:), but must have a black interior. Original paint, no...
  7. S

    WTB: 91-94, Manual, Grand Prix White or Formula Red

    My father and I are on the hunt for a well cared for 91-94 Grand Prix White or Formula Red NSX. It is our hope that my father can enjoy the car into his retirement and that it will be something for both of us to enjoy together as a hobby. We have been searching for some time to find the right...
  8. S

    Interior Stock Shift Boot

    Found one. Thanks Prime.