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water pump

  1. M

    ***SOLD*** Science of Speed Liquid-Air Intercooler Parts (SPX Pump + Reservoir Tank)

    For Sale: Science of Speed (SOS) Liquid-to-Air Intercooler parts - Used for less than 100 miles, but in great condition. This is not a complete kit - these parts are included in the Science of Speed Liquid-to-Air intercooler kit, as noted below...
  2. B

    Powertrain WTB: Water Pump, '91 NSX

    I need to purchase a water pump assembly for my 1991 NSX. I think the OEM part # is 19200-PR7-305. Thank you.
  3. L

    What's the cost of TB, WP, Tension.., Valve Adj, D-belts, S-plugs and misc seals

    I don't know if this is repeated discussion. I apologize if it is. Is $2600 fair or in the range? I got a quote of $2600 before tax from Buerkle Acura for timing belt, Tensioner, water pump, valve adjustment, drive belts, spark plugs and misc seals for valve covers and plugs replacements...
  4. C

    Powertrain NSX Water Pump, Part 19200-PR7-A03, Brand new in box!

    For sale: NSX Water Pump, Part 19200-PR7-A03, Brand new in box! Never used, still in OEM plastic packaging. SOLD! Thanks Prime!
  5. jcabral

    02 NSX with 21k miles Replace Timing Belt and Water Pump just because?

    I have an 02 with 21k miles and just wondering if I should just replace the timing belt and water pump just because its 10+ years of age. I Had the Acura dealer go thru the entire car and they say its in terrific new condition. I am not a DIY mechanic so not sure if they were even able to exam...
  6. randomharmony

    Powertrain WANTED: OEM Water Pump, Timing Belt, Cam Seals & Gaskets

    Rebuilding my motor and looking for OEM C30A Water Pump, Timing Belt, Cam Seals & Gaskets. Feel free to email or call me @ 408.480.3886.
  7. nsxrtd

    NEW genuine Honda NSX Timing belt, Water pump, Seals and Gaskets

    Sold. Please remove. NEW HONDA GENUINE 1991 and up: TIMING BELT - 14400-PR7-A01 WATER PUMP - 19200-PR7-A03 TENSIONER (does not say HOND but BY KOYO MADE IN JAPAN) - PU246531RR9F GASKET - 90401-634-000 pair GASKETS - 19222-PR7-A02 O RING - 91318-PY3-000 2 NUTS - 90049-PH7-000 7...