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water pump

  1. Powertrain WTB: Water Pump, '91 NSX

    I need to purchase a water pump assembly for my 1991 NSX. I think the OEM part # is 19200-PR7-305. Thank you.
  2. What's the cost of TB, WP, Tension.., Valve Adj, D-belts, S-plugs and misc seals

    I don't know if this is repeated discussion. I apologize if it is. Is $2600 fair or in the range? I got a quote of $2600 before tax from Buerkle Acura for timing belt, Tensioner, water pump, valve adjustment, drive belts, spark plugs and misc seals for valve covers and plugs replacements...
  3. Powertrain NSX Water Pump, Part 19200-PR7-A03, Brand new in box!

    For sale: NSX Water Pump, Part 19200-PR7-A03, Brand new in box! Never used, still in OEM plastic packaging. SOLD! Thanks Prime!
  4. jcabral

    02 NSX with 21k miles Replace Timing Belt and Water Pump just because?

    I have an 02 with 21k miles and just wondering if I should just replace the timing belt and water pump just because its 10+ years of age. I Had the Acura dealer go thru the entire car and they say its in terrific new condition. I am not a DIY mechanic so not sure if they were even able to exam...
  5. randomharmony

    Powertrain WANTED: OEM Water Pump, Timing Belt, Cam Seals & Gaskets

    Rebuilding my motor and looking for OEM C30A Water Pump, Timing Belt, Cam Seals & Gaskets. Feel free to email or call me @ 408.480.3886.
  6. nsxrtd

    NEW genuine Honda NSX Timing belt, Water pump, Seals and Gaskets

    Sold. Please remove. NEW HONDA GENUINE 1991 and up: TIMING BELT - 14400-PR7-A01 WATER PUMP - 19200-PR7-A03 TENSIONER (does not say HOND but BY KOYO MADE IN JAPAN) - PU246531RR9F GASKET - 90401-634-000 pair GASKETS - 19222-PR7-A02 O RING - 91318-PY3-000 2 NUTS - 90049-PH7-000 7...