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  1. nsxnemo

    Forced Induction CTSC Comptech Supercharger Whipple

    Everything pictured is included. Roughly 12k miles off a '91 nsx. Reason for selling because switched from this ctsc whipple to sos sc kenne bell. - Whipple supercharger unit and intake manifold - Idler plate with all new smooth idler pulley, grooved idler pulley bearing, and tensioner pulley -...
  2. Velocitized

    Forced Induction Comptech Supercharger Original Whipple

    This Comptech Supercharger was on my car when I bought it with a bad motor. The motor had a spun bearing and didn't run when I got it. I found a complete used motor and put that in my car and I never got around to putting the supercharger on. My car had about 78,000 miles on it when I bought...
  3. ffffanman

    Can we sticky this Supercharger Manual link?

    A while back I sent all the manuals that I have to Russell Salerno and he is hosting them on his website. I was wondering if we can lock this in some wheres on prime for all to see and utilize. Thanks Trev http://mosquitomagnet.hostoi.com/ctsc/