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winter storage

  1. jaja

    OPCF 19a with Non-Collecter Insurance Company

    I'm wondering if anyone has been in this situation before. I'm looking to purchase an NSX and would LOVE to be put on a Collecter Car insurance company like Lant/Hagerty/SilverWheels etc. HOWEVER, my car qualifys, but I do not: (under 25, less than 10 years of driving experience, no DD). I'm...
  2. Nukem

    Owners who cover their NSX's for the winter.

    My NSX is currently in my garage with the cover on. I was looking for my sunglasses and one place I hadn't looked was in the Acura. I began uncovering her and when I saw the red paint my heart started to race. I could hear the piece from Formula67's video of Hong's NSX playing in my head. I...

    Battery Tender

    I have attached a Deltran Battery Tender Jr. to my 91 NSX. I have placed the charger to the posts on the battery and am having trouble getting it to charge the battery. I am wondering if this is a proper way to keep the battery charged. I am open to all feedback. thanks