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02+ Front bumper emblem

I'm not sure I understand your question : Confused:, you want to place a logo and the holes in the bumper is not the same as the emblem ... I had the case on my Toyota MR2, I just cut the lugs of the emblem and I fixed it with a double-sided adhesive, it has never moved: Smile:
So the 02+ Acura emblem covers the bumper holes from the solid Acura emblem when you cut the emblem prongs off?

I just never removed the solid Acura emblem on my car before so I have no idea what to expect...but I would think that Acura would of made the emblem holes the same for all years so you can put whatever emblem you want.. But I guess not.

heres a pic of my 95 with a 02+ emblem on it. had to cut the 2 prongs off the back and just stuck it on.

IMG_0429 by diddy1226, on Flickr