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17"&18" Tire Sizes

14 February 2000
Eugene, OR., USA
I currently have 17x8 & 18x10 wheels and am using 215/40/17 front and 265/35/18 rear tires with RM springs, Koni's and RM sway bars. I experience much understeer with the fronts even with the Koni's turned 1 turn from soft on the front. I know that some are using 225/35/17 & 285/30/18 but the fronts in this size are difficult to find. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
You might want to try 235/40/17
some say it rubs, someone say it doesn't. So I guess it depends on the brand and model of the tire. I have 235/40/17 Yoko A032R and it rubs badly in the begaining. But now after the tires have worn down a lot. It is not as bad. However, if you have stock suspension(soft), you will rub the top fender liners for sure on hard corners.

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I'm also running 235/40/17 on an 8" rim, and it only rubs when the wheel is locked in both directions. I don't track my car or drive it too crazy, but I can't get them to rub in everyday driving. Plus my car is lowered with H&R springs. I like the 235's much better than the 215's, if for nothing more than to give the car a more balanced look.

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I'm running a 8 inch wheel with a 215 and it doesn't rub at all. I have a 46 mm offset. I think I may try a 225 dunlop sp8000 so I don't have to change my back tires.