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Wheels 18/19 Volk Racing TE37 w/tires (TRADE for 17/18)

30 September 2008
Los Alamitos, CA
I am looking to trade someone wheels. I have 18/19 Volk Racing TE37 rims with Continental Sport Contact 2 tires in the front and Falken 452's in the rear. FYI, the rears are new with just a few around-town miles (hardly any at all). As they wear down, I'd replace the fronts with Falken for a complete match. If you prefer a different brand, sell the rear two as "like new" and get something different.

I really like the TE37's so if you have a set in 17/18 size with tires + cash, let me know. Heck, if you have a different type of (quality) wheel in the size that I'm looking for, let me know anyway; I'm open to a trade + cash if I happen to like them.

The ones that I have have been painted black, with a yellow lip (I have a yellow NSX). I've gotten many compliments on the wheels but if a different finish is what you prefer, you can change that, as you know. The issue with them is that when I had the rear tires mounted, the shop scratched the painted surface on one of the wheels. Also, if you look carefully, another wheel has a lip with a slight dent (from a pot hole). A reputable shop quoted me $300 to repaint the two-tone wheel that was scratched and straighten the other, plus re-paint it also. If you prefer, I can get it fixed first before we trade if you want to keep them black/yellow OR I can discount the repair amount and you can get the finish of your choice at the shop of your preference.

Note that the pictures have the old tires on them and I don't have center caps. Also, I prefer to do business with someone in So Cal but the NSX market is small so I am willing to work with someone from out of the area if we can come up with something that makes sense, since I don't have spare wheels.

Shoot me a trade offer, there's nothing to lose -- just make sure to be fair, please. Thanks!


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