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18" Focal SD5 racing rims - Civics,Integras, CRXs

16 May 2005
West Bloomfield, MI
I have a set of 4 silver 18 inch Focal SD5 racing rims. They are pretty used. I originally purchased them to mount onto by ex-96 Honda Accord but the lug pattern was not right. I was told by the gentlemen at a local tire shop that these are the specs of the wheels.

Size - 18
Bolt Patterns - 4x100mm AND 4x4.25
Offset - +42mm
Back Spacing - 5.625

They fit 2 different lug patterns, just not the one I actually needed which was 4x4.5 :tongue: . I do have 3 tires on them that if picked up locally I will include for free. If they must be shipped they probably will not be worth the shipping costs so I will have them removed to save on shipping. They appear to have very little tread left. I was also told that one of the rims is partially bent but they added some weights to it so they said they did not think it would be too bad. These would be great just to put on a cheap yet nice looking pair of rims if you are on a budget, not looking to dump much money into a daily driver, or for winter so you don't ruin your expensive pair. They are just taking up space in the garage. Mine as well free up a little more cash :smile: .

These rims retail for over $250.00 each.

I am asking a dirt cheap price of $550 local pick up for all 4 with the tires.
I am open to all reasonable offers :biggrin:


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