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18" wheel/tire Combination for front and rear?

19 March 2000
Westbury, NY, USA
What do you guys think of this wheel/tire combination for the NSX: F:7.5x18 R:10x18 with F:215/35ZR18 R:285/30ZR18?, or is a F:8x18 with 225/40ZR18 with the aforementioned rear specs better? I personally prefer having the front and rear tires be of equal diameter. Do any of you guys out there have such a setup? Thanks.
With 215/35/18 your front is about 1 inch taller. The rear is about 0.1 inch smaller than stock. This will definetly affect your traction control. It will trigger your traction control in hard acceleration if not any acceleration (It happen to me with 225/45/16 Fr and 245/40/17 Rr). With 225/40/18 ini front would be even worse. What u can do is put 285/35/18 in the rear. this will make your rear is 1.1 inch taller than stock. Therefore it will accomodate the front increase in o.d.

Just for info:

Stock (91-93)
Fr O.D. : 23.07in Rr O.D. : 24.86in
Fr Circumference: 72.44in Rr Circ. : 78.05in

215/35/18 Fr---285/30/18 Rr
Fr O.D : 23.93in Rr O.D. : 24.73in
Fr Circ. : 75.13 in Rr Circ. : 77.66

O.D : 25.85in
Circ. :81.18in
If you have one of the earlier cars, do NOT vary much (1%) from the ratio of the rolling diameter of the stock front and rear tires. The traction control is rediculously sensitive and will kick in constantly.

They can be larger, but the ratio of front to rear must remain stock.
Assuming your TCS computer is working properly you have more like 5% variation to work with. You will see more than 1% variation from normal wear patterns on the NSX tires.
Lud, I had my TCS checked. And it is working properly. With 225/45/16 in front and 245/40/17 in the rear. The variation is about 4%. And it went crazy with just a little hard acceleration. To be safe I would not recommend using more than 3% on older (91-93) cars. Can't really say for newer cars since I don't have any experience with them.


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