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19" wheels in the front

21 March 2012
i just picked up an nsx that 19" wheels all around and the front rubs pretty bad, anyone got any suggestions for this, or should i get rid of the 19" in the front? any help will do? thanks :biggrin:
wow 19" in the front, never heard that before, 18" are pretty good but at extreme turns, they will also "rub" the inner fender and show some of the aluminum.

Get rid of the 19's in the front, from far away it'll look odd.
Depending on the make of the wheels, it's probably a better bet (and easier for you) to sell the entire set and start fresh. If someone was dumb enough to put 19's on the front,:confused: I'll bet they didn't bother to get wheels with proper offsets either. IMO, just start from scratch and do it correctly. There is a thread in the wheel/tire section by Angus that covers wheel/tire fitment as well as offsets that is invaluable.