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Interior 1993 Black NSX Seats. Price reduced. Updated Info

14 November 2003
At the epicenter of the Zombie Apocalypse
A couple of years after I bought Charlotte in 2003 I had the opportunity to pick up a pair of later model year seats with the perforated leather so into storage these ones went. This pair of seats have about 125,000 miles on them as evidenced by the familiar leather wear. Mechanically they function perfectly, no issues whatsoever with fore/aft and recline on either seat. The "impressions" in both heard rests are due to boxes from storage that were placed in/on the seats. Since whoever buys them will most likely reupholster them, the dents can be easily remedied using new foam pieces which are available from any automotive or marine reupholstery shop.

4/26/25 Update:
The seats are located in the West Palm Beach, FL area for local pickup or if you're not local, you can get an online shipping quote from sites such as citizenshipper.com, shiply.com, uship.com and others classifying them as "furniture". Google is your friend. One other thing, some these sites send your shipping inquiry to a network of member shippers. You'll get a bunch of initial quotes which are stupid silly high. After you ignore them for a week or so they start dropping precipitously.

Each seat measures approximately 20" Wide x 30" Deep x 33" High and weight about 40lbs each.

Asking $750.00 for the pair.
Please feel free to send me a DM/New Conversation with any and all inquiries.

Update #2:
I'm gonna throw these on eBay tonight to join my instrument cluster. The NSX seats over there are priced much higher than here on Prime.

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