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  • Hey Tim,

    My car already has coil overs. However, I do know of people here who might be interested in the springs. I don't believe that our positions on mod vs OEM are subjective. I personally don't think you are being honest when you say you believe that a 1983 911 with a stock 3.0 is worth more than the same 1983 911 with a high horsepower, high dollar 3.8 engine in it. If you've been involved in the Porsche world - or any car world for that matter - the answer is obvious. I know that you would not pay the extra for a car with a 3.8 - just like I wouldn't pay $300K for a Carrera GT - but that doesn't mean the car is less valuable. It's more likely closer to the truth that if both of the above mentioned 911's were for sale side by side you would use the price tag of the 3.8 car to drive down the price of the stock 911 that you were actually interested in buying. No different than if you saw a stock 91 NSX with 50K sitting next to a Comptech Supercharged NSX with 50K.
    Hey, Tim here,

    Would you like to buy my Eibach springs? I don't know what they would be worth but I'm trying to check. They are approx. 8 years old with 8k miles on them. Course nothing hurts springs I wouldn't think or at least not ones that have barely been used. I just need more clearance for a more or less daily driver.

    I do believe our positions on mod vs OEM are subjective and there probably isn't any true wrong or right. There is always someone looking for what another has.

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