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1993 Blk/Blk 5 spd VIN#JH4NA1150PT000087 $36,500.00

5 May 2004
1993 Blk/Blk 5 spd VIN#JH4NA1150PT000087 $34,500.00

This car is in near perfect condition and needs not one thing mechanically with 56,423 miles. I have driven it for the past 17,000 miles with not one issue at all. I have only owned BMW’s in the past 26 and this was my first try at something else. The NSX is the only car that I think even comes close to a Bimmer that you can drive every day with no issues. If you have not driven an NSX come and do so or go find one to take for a ride and then buy mine, they are awesome!!!! I have bills that total 4,300.00 for the 30,000 mile service last summer, timing belt, water pump, master and slave and much more. I also have the bills for the Pro Drive forged wheels and tires 3,300.00 a year old. They are in perfect condition no curb hits at all. 7.5 X 17 fronts and 9.5 X 18 rears with BFGoodrich G Force T/A KDW’s 215/40 in the front and 275/35 in the rear. The fronts have great life left on them I would say 15,000 miles left and the rears I would say have 10,000 miles more. I had an antenna put on the roof being the 4 foot tall rear quarter panel one made me nuts, I think it looks much better. The body is basically perfect no major dents or digs and shines like new. I have bought many high end cars and can’t find any paint work on the car. The interior is also in great shape with a little bit of wear here and there see the pictures. The main ones that you will see in the pictures are the key area and the kick panel from getting in and out your foot hits sometimes. The driver bulster has a little wear and the head liner seems to be coming off a little but is hardly an issue more on the passenger side. The dash cluster plastic has some little spots on it and I can’t get them off, you can hardly see them looks much worse in the picture. That is all I can come up with for negatives on this car no joke. Being a total car nut I always try my best to describe every little thing. I own several high end vintage race cars and I assure you I know the difference between good and bad. This is not going to be one of those that you are told its perfect and come to see it and its not even close(been there done that). I have spent hours looking over the market on these and based on the mileage and condition I feel my price is on the money!!! If you think otherwise tell me why and we can talk. If you have any questions email me or call 914-260-4609 Richard. I will also happily drop the car off at any shop or dealership you like within close range of me to be checked over. Lastly understand I have a loan on this car with Chase and will need you to make a bank check out directly to Chase for the payoff in order to get the lien release letter. I have the title and the payoff is for less then you will be paying for the car. So you will hold back about 7,000 until I get the lien release letter from Chase, they told me 2 days. I have done this before and had no issues so I would hope you don’t have concerns, just want to be upfront about all. I also can email you lots of pictues just shoot me an email. Willing to consider trades.


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