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1994-01 7 Spoke Wheels (Chrome)

4 March 2014
All over WNC
1994-01 7 Spoke Chrome Wheels
Excellent Condition
The chrome is not flaking or damaged.
The few tiny flaws would be a tiny marking on one of the spokes captured in photos, and rust located inside the lug nut holes.

$1600 plus shipping, or willing to help with delivery in the Southeast

unnamed - 2023-07-31T092202.044x2.jpg
unnamed - 2023-07-31T092208.719.jpg
unnamed - 2023-07-31T092212.821.jpg
unnamed - 2023-07-31T092216.756.jpg
unnamed - 2023-07-31T092221.859.jpg
unnamed - 2023-07-31T092234.630.jpg
unnamed - 2023-07-31T092238.654.jpg
unnamed - 2023-07-31T092242.841.jpg
unnamed - 2023-07-31T092246.430.jpg
unnamed - 2023-07-31T092250.637.jpg
unnamed - 2023-07-31T092254.372.jpg
unnamed - 2023-07-31T092258.156.jpgunnamed - 2023-07-31T092301.662.jpg
unnamed - 2023-07-31T092301.662.jpg
unnamed - 2023-07-31T092305.870.jpg
unnamed - 2023-07-31T092309.400.jpg
After much deliberation, I think I will be going a different direction for wheels. Thank you for your help and patience; I wish you good luck with the sale