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1994 NSX Brooklands Green / Onyx VIN: JH4NA1159RT000205

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7 September 2006
*On hold for Alan*

1994 Acura NSX
VIN: JH4NA1159RT000205
Brooklands Green Pearl / Onyx
5 Speed Manual
70,000 Miles
4 (I think) adult owners
Located in Booneville, MS 38829

I am asking $36,500, but I will entertain all serious offers.

You are viewing my one and only 1994 NSX. This car has been my baby for almost a year now. I am very meticulous and wanted to make sure that it was just as perfect as my other two NSXs were. So please read the history that I have listed below. This car is a rare car that according to the production numbers, there were only 50 made like it. It is Brooklands Green with a Brooklands Green roof (some came with black roofs) with Onyx interior. It still smells like an NSX inside. It has never been smoked in and has no door dings or problems with anything. I hate to use the word perfect, but she is basically perfect all over, inside and out. There are a few rock chips on the hood and fenders that you can see upon very close inspection. This car looks, runs, drives, and shifts like a new car. There are no problems to mention at all.

Original paint (I was told the front bumper was repainted due to bug chips)

1. Gruppe M rear diffuser (very rare)
2. Burn Up rear spoiler ($800)
3. Japanese tail light complete set ($900)
4. SOS Bi-Xenon head light kit ($600)
5. HRE 547 17x8 & 18x10 ($5,149) Had HRE’s custom painted body color
7. MovIt Brembo Brake Upgrade to Front calipers and 2pc rotors (huge calipers $4,500)
8. Dali Front and Rear Adjustable Sway Bars 1.0
9. Odyssey Big Battery
10. Dali Suspension Kit (Bilsteins and Eibachs)

1. Dali harness bar
2. Window fix its
3. CarPc with latest Centrafuse upgrade integrated into the Honda nav pod
4. Factory Bose head unit with NEW center console bezel (because I’m very meticulous)
5. Alpine 6 disc changer in trunk
6. Focal 5.5 speakers with built in tweeters installed in door panel (no cuts in trim)
7. Alpine digital amp behind driver’s seat
8. JDM switch panel with fog light switch, reverse light switch, head light washer switch, and light adjustment switch. The light adjustment switch is the only one used right now. It controls the switching from the factory head unit to the CarPc
9. The drivers side bolster is only worn a little.

Work done by Nabil Armily of First Class Automotive and Barney Demonbreun of Ashland City Motor Sports

Ordered these parts in June of 2005

ARP main studs and bolts
ARP rod bolts
Cometic head gaskets
JE piston set and rings
Billet oil pump gears
Pro sleeve kit
Rod bushings
Custom Timing Belt Tensioner
Complete engine gasket kit
Thrust Washers
Clutch Masters stage 4 kit

Total - $5,480.75

Engine Work at First Class Automotive July 28, 2005

Machine Work for sleeves and cleanup - $3000
Gasket kit
4 wheel alignment
Pcv valve
Transmission Oil
Bearing B Main
Bearing A Main
Bearing E Con
Bearing D Con
Bearing C Con

Guide ex. Valve
Guide Valve
Bolts 12pt 8mm
Receiver Drier

Total including tax - $9149.14

Invoice 2 Engine work at First Class Automotive July 28, 2005

Install Crank pulley
Install Fuel Injectors
Remove and Install new Left outer tie rod
Remove and send off climate control unit
Red Line transmission oil
Replace front rotors
Replace left rear axle oil seal
Replace ABS unit with used unit but repaired ABS portion

Total including tax - $1480.22

Other Mechanical Upgrades Not Mentioned Above

Comptech Headers
Pride V2 Exhaust
Japanese Short Gears in Transmission
Spec Stage 2 + clutch and matching light weight flywheel
Down Force Intake Scoop
Comptech Carbon Fiber Air Box
Uni Filter
Dali Hot Chipped ECU

When I purchased the car from Scott (here on Prime) in early 2010, I knew it was a very nice car. The engine was rebuilt due to a Basch Supercharger being equiped without the proper fuel management. When I took delivery of it, I knew that I had to make it 100% perfect, just as all my other cars have been. I took it to my shop and went through it. It needed two ball joints, one upper and one lower, so I ordered the whole piece that included the upper and lower ball joints because they can’t be purchased. I then ordered all bushings and boots that could be replaced on the car from Honda. We replaced all of these and did an alignment. As I started to drive the car, I noticed a sputter. I checked everything that I knew to check and as a last resort, I called Barney at Ashland City Motorsports and asked for help. He was more than willing to help me and asked me the cars upgrades. When I mentioned that it had a cometic head gasket, he said that he bet that was the problem. Cometic head gaskets have to be torqued three separate times, but the factory head gasket only has to be torqued once. I took it to Barney and told him to just go through it from front to back. I said that I want everything changed that needs to be changed. He then went to work on the car. In the mean time, I ordered a Spec Stage 2 Plus clutch with their lightweight flywheel. I also ordered a type R intake manifold and a few other nice parts to go on it. Barney then sent my factory valve covers to Canada to have them “type R’d.”
As Barney got the heads off, he determined that the Cometic head gaskets were the problem. He recommended a factory head gasket and said that it would handle boost just fine up to a certain point if I wanted to go with a supercharger in the future. As we were going back, he found a few missing washers and some little stuff that needed to be done, so I told him to replace whatever it needed. I also asked him to order a new timing belt, water pump, and everything else for a full major service since it was last done in 2005. He said that was no problem. He then went to install the Spec clutch and flywheel. He told me that he felt some slack in the LSD unit, so he rebuilt it also. After Barney put everything back together, he said that “it was built like a tank.” He was very pleased with it and absolutely loved the car. He even mentioned buying it from me a few times, but I wasn’t ready to sell it. By the time I decided to sell it, he had already bought one. So…..Here it is for sale…..An absolutely perfect NSX that literally needs nothing. It has a fully documented and excellent service history.














































Sorry for such a long write up, but I want you to know exactly how nice my NSX is. In the past year that I have owned the car, I have kept is as clean underneath as on top. I do not drive it in the rain, nor do I let it sit outside without a cover on really sunny days. I take pride in all of my vehicles and I want the next owner to do the same.
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