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1996 NSX-T Black/Red 5-Speed 156,000 JH4NA118XTT000327

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16 February 2015
Car Information
Exterior color:
Interior color:
JH4NA118XTT000327 (Salvage Title)
$32,500 OBO

Car History
Title History:
Current title is branded.

Seller Information
Jacksonville, Florida
PM or Call\Text (904) 502-1058

Maintenance Information
Maintenance is up to date. I have created an Excel spreadsheet detailing all performed maintenance based on Carfax vehicle history reports, previous owner for sale listing reports here on NSX Prime, as well as what I have performed to date. The spreadsheet can be found in the zip file located below in the details.

Up for sale is my 1996 Berlina Black NSX-T 5-speed manual. I've decided to list it for sale after enjoying it the last 6 months. I've always wanted to own and experience a targa NSX and purchased this one to enjoy before we grow the family. The time has finally come to pass it on to the next person to enjoy it (Hopefully finding a permanent home). While a salvage branded vehicle, I can sincerely put this up for sale as a truly honest vehicle that has been maintained and fixed by enthusiasts.

It has previously been for sale here on NSX Prime by SOS after it had been in an accident at a previous NSXPO event.

The for sale ad after confirmation of no frame damage by SOS can be found here:


It was purchased by a great guy in Michigan who then performed engine out service replace all TB/WP and fluids, applicable valve adjustments and the replacements of various coolant hoses, gaskets, and seals. I have spoken to this owner over Facebook and we still follow each other over the NSX Prime and NSX Owners Page there. He brought the car to California after a personal move and then listed the car for sale back here on NSX Prime:


It was sold to a gentleman in southern Florida who took ownership earlier this year (2015) and drove it a couple thousand miles with the intent of a 02+ front end conversion. After losing interest after sourcing all the required parts he had listed it for sale on Craigslist where I had found it. I have saved a copy of the Craigslist posting ad and can be found in the zip file found in the link below.

I took ownership this past May and since enjoyed driving it for almost 3,000 miles. This is a true drivers car and with it's history you can drive it everyday without feeling bad about racking up additional miles.

The only things I have done to the car was installing a Shark Attack II short antenna, popped in new Sylvania Silverstar light bulbs, changed the oil with new Castrol Edge full synthetic, and purchased new Enkei wheels and Yokohama S.Drive tires.

Full disclosure, I currently have a lien on the title by Lightstream which I have loved to use a couple of times in the past. I'm currently in the process laying out options on paying this off to obtain the physical title (May take a week or two to have it mailed to me). I'm not sure on how fast this thing may sell, but if a prospective buyer is open to a cash offer and willing to take a written Bill of Sale with the physical possesion of the vehicle with allowing me to use those funds to pay off the loan and subsequent mailing of the title to them I am open to discounts on the purchase price to facilitate this.

In October 2015 I purchased a set of new wheels for the car with the following specs and have been driven 700 miles:

Front: Enkei Kojins 17x8 +35mm, Yokohama S.Drive 215/40R17
Rear: Enkei Kojins 18x9.5 +30mm, Yokohama S.Drive 255/35R18

These wheels are the perfect specs for a flush look to the body lines of the vehicle. I would ultimately like to sell the vehicle with the new wheels with the inclusion of the 1996 OEM polished set. The OEM set has a set of Kuhmo Ecsta XS tires front and rear, however the rear tires have very little tread left and need to be replaced which was the reasoning of the purchase of the new wheel set.

I have gone through the trouble of creating a zip file located on my google drive for you to download and view all documentation I have of the vehicle. I have listed information based on previous owners, (names, receipts, pictures of previous state issue titles) and also an Excel spreadsheet detailing the mileage of the vehicle and all services, maintenance, and modifications performed to date. (I'm an engineer by profession so I'm OCD about the details). Also included are high-resolution pictures of the vehicle with the OEM polished wheels and the new Enkei set.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the previous for sale postings and the linked zip file and contact me if you have any additional questions.


Please keep in mind that all information on this car is to the best of my knowledge. I personally have not taken it apart to reverify that there is no current frame damage and although I have previous PPI reports from the past 2 owners, the only owner that has performed the verification of frame alignment on a laser alignment machine is SOS. Based on their reputation here on the community I have personally felt assured in their assessment.


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