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1997 NSX-T Black/Black 6-Speed 138000 M JH4NA2167VT000017

29 September 2015
Car Information
Exterior color:
Interior color:
138000 M

Car History
Title History:
Current title is clean. No known branded title history.
4 Owners

Seller Information
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
[email protected]

Sale Pending 8-Oct-16, will update when the car is sold.

Maintenance Information

Vehicle currently needs nothing, is 100% turnkey and recently passed Out-of-Province inspection.


Update 27-Aug-2016, the new GTX3076R is installed and the car is running great, oil burning issue is gone. Apologies to everyone that was not able to see the car during the last month, the car was sitting at the shop for quite some time, the car runs absolutely great, feels very much OEM... just savagely fast.

Update 7-Sep-16, still for sale, link below contains a 60 second walk around of the car.


This car has traded hands on Prime twice before, previous for sale ads can be found below;

2012 - http://www.nsxprime.com/forum/showthread.php/162389-FS-1997-NSX-T-Turbocharged-VIN-JH4NA2167VT000017

2015 - http://www.nsxprime.com/forum/showt...T000017-49-900-6speed-Targa-Turbo-02-05-front

Reason for sale is that I have a GT4 arriving at the end of July, had I known I was going to get an allocation I wouldn’t have bought the NSX and hemorrhaged money into it like I did lol Unfortunately I really don’t have the space to keep both.

For American buyers, know that this car will most likely be subject to duties on import even though it has already been subject to duties in the past. (I do have a copy of the old WA title)

Import costs are approximately: Duties $1500, Enclosed Shipping $2000, and Import Fees and Broker $800.

I built this car into exactly what I wanted it to be, virtually no expense was spared and no short cuts were taken. I have sold a number of desirable vehicles to people over the last couple years including a 997 GT3, 2001 Integra Type R and a 2004 M3, the buyers of these cars were all extremely satisfied with the vehicles and I’m sure the buyer of this NSX will be as well. Very open to third party inspections or showing the car to another local NSX owner etc.

Chassis Summary:

Clean Carproof/Carfax, no evidence on the chassis of any collisions or damage.

*The second owner noted that during his ownership “Tire dealer bumped car in stack of tires putting a small crack in front bumper and a wave in both front fenders.” There is no claim on record for this incident.

There are no signs of impact or damage to the chassis of the car.

Exterior Summary:

I bought the car with the intention of removing the 02+ front end, I prefer the look of the pop up headlights and wanted an NSX that was very “era correct”.

The exterior is in exceptional condition as the majority of the car was repainted over the winter of 2016 by Royal Autobody in Edmonton Alberta – price tag was significantly north of 10K for labor alone. The quality of the work is basically OEM, I wouldn’t have accepted anything less. The only panels which retain the original OEM paint is the targa roof and windshield surround.

Potential buyers would be making a mistake if they were turned off by the re-paint, the work is exceptional.

Interior Summary:

Similar to the exterior, the interior went through a restoration over the winter where any worn parts were replaced or refurbished. The most significant change was the conversion from Tan to Black, most of which was done with BNIB OEM Acura Parts. The Seats and Door Panels were reupholstered with materials from Interior Innovations, used carpet was sourced. I believe I spent around 5000$ on new OEM interior parts alone. The interior shows exceptionally well, the A/C blows ice cold, and for a 20 year old Acura it’s surprisingly free of squeaks and rattles.

Drivetrain Summary:

Well, it makes power. You don’t realize just how slow the OEM drivetrain is until you drive around in a booster NSX for a while :s

Compression test performed on 22-May-2016, 150PSI across all six cylinders, cylinder #2 came up a little slower, if the rest made 150PSI after 5 cranks, cylinder #2 would have been around 145PSI after 5 cranks. Overall, the engine and transmission seems to be very healthy, there are no leaks of any kind.

Quirks and Negatives:

A Pillar interior trim is bubbling, these are disco so I was not able to replace them with BNIB parts, I basically forgot to send them to the upholstery shop, this is a common issue on NSX’s.

Coating on the clam shell is sun baked, again, common problem on NSX's. You can strip the clamshell and repaint if you so desire.. or you can remove it etc. Personally I don't really notice or mind it.

Windshield has a crack down low by the cowl, you can’t see it from in the car, but it’s there.

The SOS 6 puck clutch is well… a 6 puck clutch, it’s a bit chattery.

Typical AEM EMS, it takes 2-3 seconds of cranking for the ECU to confirm crank position and actually start, not a big deal, but for someone used to the stock engine catching after 2 turns of the engine, you will notice the delay. Upon start up, in cold start mode, if you have the A/C on, between the clutch and the A/C load it can be easy to stall the car when wiggling around in parking lots.

Turbo exhibits signs of blow-by on the compressor side, we have investigated the issue and while we have the correct in-line restrictor (.30) and the scavenge pump is flowing adequately, it seems the compressor side seal of the CHRA is on the rocks. Having said that, it doesn’t really bother me, and if anything creates the opportunity to move to a bigger turbo, IMO the GTX3076R is too small for the engine, it spools very fast though. Just know that you will consume some oil and you will see some blue. This issue was resolved with the installation of a new GTX3076R on 26-Aug-16


- NSX-R Door Badges
- Downforce 02+ OEM Style Side Skirts
- Downforce 02+ OEM Style Rear Diffuser
- 02+ OEM Tail Lights
- 02+ OEM Side Vents
- OEM Front Lip + 1 spare BNIB OEM Front Lip will be provided

- Interior innovations Leather Seat Covers
- Interior Innovations Leather Door Panel Inserts
- HVAC controls rebuilt by BrianK
- 02+ OEM UK Spec Blue Face Gauge Cluster w/ 27XXX Miles
- OEM Zanardi Mats
- 02+ OEM BOSE Head Unit w/ pre 02+ knobs, silver 02+ knobs included in sale (Expensive unit these days, fully functioning if you wanted to go back to BOSE setup)
- Hidden Bluetooth Stereo in OEM sub enclosure, this is hooked up to two aftermarket door speakers, the OEM Bose Head Unit is just for OEM look/illumination.
- SOS NSX-R style shift knob

Suspension and Wheels:
- Tein RE Circuit Master Coilovers
- SOS Toe Links
- SOS Front Suspension Clamps
- SOS Non-Compliance Rear Beam Bushings
- SOS Steering Rack Bushings
- Hawk HP
- Hawk Speed Bleeders
- 18x9.5 +45 and 17x9 +35 Desmond Regamasters with Desmond Center Caps and Valve Stems
- Advan Neova AD08R 265/35/18 and 215/40/17 (New)
- 15MM H&R Track Wheel Spacer in rear
- Volk Extended Lug Nuts
- Replaced front drivers outer tie rod and performed alignment 1-Jul-2016

- 472 WHP 387 WTQ @ 16psi 91 octane
- Science of Speed Stage 1 forged Long Block (14k miles) w/ forged 9.0:1 pistons, floating pin rods, blueprinted, MLS headgasket, ARP headstuds, competition valve job
- Science of Speed Sport 425 Race clutch + flywheel
- Garrett GTX3076R Single Turbo (Modified AP-X Kit)
- AP-X Air to Air Intercooler and Piping
- Tial 50mm Blow off valve and Tial 44mm External Wastegate
- Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors
- Walboro 255lph fuel pump
- AEM Series 2 EMS
- AEM Wideband O2 Sensor
- Borla Muffler
- There are additional supporting components for the turbo such as the SOS Catch Can, Scavenge Pump for Oil Return, Boost Solenoid, Etc.

I strive for full disclosure on car sales, if anyone has any questions feel free to email/PM and I will update this post with responses for all to see. Please excuse the pictures and dirty engine bay, I'm not much of a photographer :s

















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Monthly bump, quite a few potential buyers south of the border, was hoping to sell domestically but it looks like that won't be happening :) Car just came back from a polish/wax, ready to go!