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4 March 2002
Lake Forest,California,USA
I have been looking at an NSX-T (Auto) with 19,000 miles on odometer. Driver side seat bolster, brake pedal and other signs lead me to believe the car may have many more miles.By the way carfax shows a clean history. "Question" will the 97 NSX-T (Auto) run with the odometer disconnected.
I have looked at three (NSX-T)(1997) in the last month, all had problems. All had relatively low mileage (19-29k) and they were asking around 55k. For that kind of money, I would think one could find a really nice "clean" NSX, this has not been the case. All the cars I have looked at were privately owned cars, and i've been looking for over six months. I am very FRUSTRATED.
I hate to sound negative, it's just what I see out there.
Thank you for your answer/answers.

I have owned a lot of cars through out the years. One thing I found out that if you have a bad feeling about a car you should walk away and forget it. Your gut instinct is what to go with. Also for that kind of money you should be able to find a near perfect car.
I would agree, if it doesn't seem right walk away. I assume the NSX-T with an Auto would run without the odometer hooked up. I have had friends that have disconnected the speedo's on various cars and usually it only affects the shifting (Not nearly as smooth).

I wouldn't expect an NSX with 19K miles to be showing wear on the seat bolster or break pedals. I think you are right that this car probably had the speedo disconnected for some of its life.

Don't give up on finding a nice one though, remember it only takes one!

Good Luck!