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2 seat 70k roadster

20 March 2005
Well the GM of Stockton Acura told me his latest meetings with Acura/Honda execs confirms 05 ends production of hand built NSX. New 2 seat 70k 440 hp roadster non hand built will be introduced for 07. He will not accept a deposit on a 06 NSX. He tells me this news was given to him within the last few weeks.
Roadster huh? Front-engine, Sh-awd perhaps? Stick the 440hp in current Nsx please. Rather have a real sports car than these fast but heavy wannabe sports cars. No mid-engine means Nsx legacy will not live on.
A roadster in my opinion does nothing for me in terms of track use. :frown: I want a rigid hardtop. Frankly, I don't care about the hp war, just so long as it's lightweight a la the lotus cars.
Until I see a Honda press release these "Bob's friend who's sister's husband's son works for Honda heard from this designer who had an inside meeting with Joe and Fred and a guy said this...." stories should be taken with a grain of salt...

I hope one of these stories are right, but don't get tooo excited.
Hopefully this is just another Honda sports car and not a replacement NSX. I don't like the sound of "Roadster". I'm just not a convertable fan. Give me a hard top or at the very least a removable top like the NSX-T.
I'm with you ChrisK, this might be the replacement for the S2K. In that case it's great. The NSX replacement will be a few years down the road. Hopefully that's how it should all work out :biggrin:
It sounds like an Acura version of the S2000. Like the Acura sedan vs. the Honda Accord. The sad thing to me is the assembly-line production. Although I'm selling my '93, I will someday be buying a 2000 NSX, and I believe it's exclusitivity (if that's a word) will be better than anything new Honda builds on a line. In other words, I think the present NSX is always going to keep it's value, and be desirable. I wish Honda wouldn't do this.