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2002 Factory Wheels 17" with tires and spacers

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12 October 2004
Melbourne/Cocoa Beach, Florida
My car with the wheels mounted:

This is a set of four 2002 factory wheels. I have changed to Volks, and have decided to sell these afterall. They are off of my 1991 NSX with 20,000 miles. The wheels have low miles and are in nice condition. Both rears have a slight bit of curb rash, as seen in the photos, but hardly noticible when mounted. The fronts have no curb rash at all. The wheels are round and have no bends what-so-ever. The finish is still great, as these wheels have low miles.

The tires on the front have a great deal of tread remaining, while the rear tires are nearly treadless.

The wheels will include the appropriate spacers to fit the early model NSX's, along with the lug nuts. The are hub-centric spacers, and work perfectly.

I used extended lugs, so to insure extra threads on the lugs. I am not sure if it is necessary, or not. If so, lugs are very inexpensive.

I am selling for $2000 and I am willing to ship them. I ship from my office daily, so they will be packaged well. I can accept Paypal, but please add an additional 3% at payment submission. Otherwise, a certified check is acceptable. I can be reached at 321-591-0099, if you have questions, or you can PM me.

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Can you either send me or post close up photo's showing the curb rash on the rears?
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