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2002 Keys and remote

13 October 2004
Orange County
I want to see what my options are with my 2002 NSX. The car only comes with 1 master key (with remote), 1 gray spare key, and 1 red key.

I think cutting another key and getting it programmed might be expensive? Or is it something doable at a relatively reasonable cost? If so, where? And can I program the new key myself?

My second question is the remote. If possible I would like to have a second remote (maybe with the gray spare key if I don't get another master key). I saw the document from another thread

http://www.nsxprime.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=90300&d=1347367559 (page 4)

The system in my car is dealer installed so it's the remote on the left. Does that mean there is no way I can get another remote except as indicated, visiting a dealership and order through them?

Thanks for the insight
I have gotten a few remotes for Dali to have as backup for my 2002. Needs the number off the remote. Kenwood appeared to have had some trouble getting the programming right so ultimately ended up sending my original remote to Dali and he sent it to them so no further issues. Not sure why they had trouble at first but after they got my original and programmed off that I guess didn't have any issues. Can't remember off hand I paid for them though.
I went to Nalley Acura, the dealer, and bought 2 keys and had them program them 2 days after I bought the car to save from scratching my originals :smile:

It's not a huge expense and when I sell the car the original keys will look new :wink:
thanks for the replies. technically surviving on one key and remote is fine, but just that peace of mind about having a second set "just in case"