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2002 NSX-T Yellow/Black 6-Speed 29,900 JH4NA21612T000123 - BRANDED TITLE

1 November 2015
Car Information
Exterior color:
Interior color:

Car History
Title History:
Current title is branded.

Seller Information
Orange County, CA
[email protected] (Subject: NSX)

Maintenance Information
All oil changes have been performed at an Acura dealership with full synthetic and OEM filter. The exception is the last visit with included exchange of ALL fluids, by Ramon, at Niguel Motors in Laguna Hills, CA. This is a Sunday car ONLY so I change the oil based on time rather than miles but as I approach 30K, I told Ramon, do to it whatever needs to be done to keep this pup tip-top.

I will have to come back and polish up the details of this car. I just want to post it with as much information as I can in the limited time that I have at the moment, to gauge level of interest. I've been meaning to post it but you know how it is.... you don't REALLY want to sell your NSX. One just has alternate plans. So, here goes...

Let me give you some history. I first saw the car in Sun Valley, CA. Honestly, I wanted a white one but I couldn't find one with low miles. This one was the first yellow one that I had ever seen, ever. Bringing back memories of burning rubber in my high school buddy's dad's yellow 80's IROC Z-28 5-speed in the 1990's, stirred something up inside me - that race car look about it. By the way, in the 10 years that I've owned it, I have NOT ONCE seen another 2002-2005 Yellow in SoCal.

Long story short, 6 months later, I saw the vehicle for sale in Utah. It was the same one so there was no need for me to fly out and look at it. However, I did pay a shop near the dealership (Prestman Auto) who does paint and body work on Ferrari/Maserati to do a professional inspection. After talking to the shop owner, after inspecting it and driving it, he said, "I would buy it myself." Needless to say, I had it shipped back to CA.

Of important note, the car does have a salvage title. I did my homework. I contacted the insurance company and after talking to manyyy people, I was able to get someone to actually give me details on it. The damage was on the right headlight area and the right quarter panel area. I have before pictures for those serious about negotiating a purchase of this caliber. I was told that they were not able to get that quarter panel in a reasonable amount of time (I mean, how many NSX quarter panels do you think you could easily get - especially then, when the car was newer?) and so they had to close the claim and by doing so without the ability to repair, it was salvaged after the payout. My understanding is that it belonged to somebody well known in the car community. Honestly, I don't remember the name but it seemed that other people did when I took the car to a meet. I'll run a Car Fax later and share whatever details are on it with you, of course.

Look, the car has 29K miles and change. It's been in a wreck. It was salvaged because of the unavailability of the necessary part. It was sold and later fixed. It is also painted, the same color and so far, all I get is compliments. I had an exotic car shop confirm its clean bill of health. And most recently, Ramon from Niguel Motors told me to drive the damn car because it's too new. He volunteered to make himself available to convey his opinion to any prospective buyer - at no additional charge. He is a super honest guy and said that you do not need to pay him to tell you what he already has checked and knows. However, if you prefer to have a different NSX expert inspect it, you are WELCOME to. It must be in SoCal and at your expense, of course. In fact, I encourage it. Either speak to Ramon or let's schedule someone else to. Tell him it's Tony's yellow NSX, he did all of the fluid changes on it, very recently.

Things that need fixing are the following. I will be fixing them myself one at a time (by that, I mean, taking it in to have it done professionally). I will not charge more nor less because I'm not worried about it – we aren't talking that much money, it's more the trouble of making time.. If you buy it before I'm finished, then you do it – and you pick what YOU like. Otherwise, if I get to it all before it's sold and you buy it, you score and pay nothing extra – just know that it will be to my liking. If the market does not show interest or the price-point doesn't work, I'll keep it, no big deal. So here's the stuff and what will take its place. The aftermarket stereo sucks. I will replace it, likely with a single din (less preferred) or if the shop can modify the existing console without replacing it, then double-din (preferred). I'll keep the OEM speakers to give to you but likely I will replace them with JL speakers (C-Series). The airbag light just came on. I'm going to replace the uglyyy steering wheel with something more cool; likely Momo (no airbag, of course). It has 18/19 Volk TE37 rims with pretty much new, Falken tires. The rims need a bit of touch up. I don't have the OEM wheels but I can't imagine anyone wanting less attractive, heavier rims. If anything, you can sell the Volks for bank or trade them. Lastly, the A/C module (in the dash) needs to be rebuilt. Ramon said it is a known-issue and that the best bet is to remove it, ship it to a guy that is known for this job and sends it back. Right now, it blows and forms ice crystals on your eye lashes, it's very coldddd! If you want, I can get it all done first. I just don't have a timeline nailed down, yet.

I will take better pictures or if you want something specific and if you are truly in the market, you can request pictures and I'll take them. Alternatively, we can meet up but please, onlyyy arrange this if you are currently ready to buy (vs almost ready or going to be ready).

I have some SWEET parts that I was going to keep that you can have if you pay the asking price - as long as I have not sold them since I will be posting them in the Marketplace, next chance I get. Will I take less? Um, I will - just be reasonable and this would be for car only, no parts. Please be mindful; not having a clean title doesn't mean you can have a car for half price. The car is still an NSX. It is still under 30K miles. It is still a yellow one. I know for a fact, it is irreplaceable. If I sell it, my choice will have to be something else; different color, more miles, etc. Given, there are some good deals out there (right now) with mileage in the 70K area. By all means, buy those if you are looking to spend less or if you demand a clean title, no point in continuing here. I will be the first to admit that they are good deals. I would buy one, except that I like cars with very low miles. This one stills smells like leather – I promise you! Anyway, this is what I have: coilover suspension (JRZ - yep), intake (Gruppe M), air intake side-scoop (Downforce), exhaust with adapters (GTLW), rear-window carbon-fiber garnish (Procar, I think). Speaking of, it has a carbon-fiber spoiler and diffuser (the spoiler is tip-top, the diffuser has been scraped – not by me, it was gifted to me when I purchased the spoiler). You get those and the OEM yellow spoiler, altogether. I know I'll end up buying all of the above all over again if I buy another NSX later so the best thing to do is keep them (or sell them separately for more $$$ buttt I'll let that be part of your incentive). As far as I know, these are hard-to-get items now and are all new (most in the box) and at most, fitted only. The exception is the spoiler and diffuser which are already installed.

By the way, I am even open to a trade for an older model. It must be another NSX and it must be manual - no exceptions. I do not have an issue with a branded title, either. I'll pay to have it inspected, though. However, know that I am looking for trade + cash (the cash part being critical). I would be especially interested if you have a supercharger. This would only work if we can meet in reasonable driving distance so that limits this possibility but it can happen. I'm totally open.

Last thing and I'll warn you now. This is not a chick magnet. It is a total dude magnet. The only girl that I know loves the car is my own. All I ever hear her say is “That guy (or those guys) are staring at your car.” She laughs all the time about it because it's never a girl. I see “thumb's up” on the freeway alllll the time (last one was a GT-R). I've seen passengers hang half-way out of the window to get a look. With my window down, I've heard “OMFG” (the long version, course haha). Quite uncomfortable lol but I've had people ask if they can shake my hand. It's nuts but it is 100% dudes. Oh, I've had a cop waive me down – just to check the car out. No joke. So, expect this. For sure.

Like I said, testing the waters but I am serious to sell if you are serious to buy. I'll get that CarFax later and maybe some more pictures too. I'll even update here as I replace the things that I mentioned above. I think I'll start with the stereo and speakers. By the way, I will keep driving it (not much but I will) so likely I'll hit 30K miles. I'm not worried.

Email me for any questions. Make the subject "Yellow NSX." Thanks for reading!!!


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