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2007+ MDX OEM Floor Mats plus ..

25 October 2001
Northern California
These are from my 2009 which i no longer have - traded it. [Also posted on the MDX forum.]

OEM all weather 3 piece taupe mats. $80 plus shipping.

OEM one piece cargo mat. I still like the functionality of this is over the trifold which came with my 2012. $80 plus shipping.

Third row up Hexomat mat. I custom made the original digitized template for this (I now have one in black as it is more efficient than the OEM trifold one piece). $40 plus shipping.


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Hexomat $40 shipped. Floor mats $70 shipped. Buy both for $85 shipped!!

I hav a black third row Hexomat as well if one wants in black instead of gray.

Edit: Floor mat sold on MDX forum. Hexomats still available.
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