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2016 - Inaugural Rich's Run (Sachin's Fall Fun Run) - Sun Oct 16th

15 August 2011
Hello -

Fall is approaching and it is time for another Fall Fun Run. This year it is a little different.

As you may or may not know, recently we lost a member in the NSX Community, Rich S. In his memory, I have changed the name from the Fall Fun Run, to Rich's Run.

Same idea - Fall Drive starting at the Germantown Park N Ride (Exit 54 off I45 North for those heading north), going through the backroads, ending at Road America for the Chump Car Race. (For those interested in Chump Car, last year the admission was $10, Cash only. Not sure what the deal is this year)

(I know I got us turned around last year, but I have a better idea this year and will have additional help. (Despite the mix up, I think everyone had fun))

I would like to add a component to the run - a (charitable) donation. Rich sent me a text about making a donation to Make A Wish. So, in his honor, I would appreciate it if a donation was made to Make A Wish in his name.

Here is the route (same as last year)

Part 1:


Part 2:



Sun Oct 16. Meet at Park N Ride between 10:00 - 10:45 A.M., Depart at 11:00 A.M.

There is a Kwik Trip, Speedway, BP within 15 minutes of the Park N Ride.

Please spread the word to any/all friends you have that may be interested in this.

I hope for good weather and a great run!

Count me in too. Great idea to honor a fallen friend as well.
Can we get these posted to the Midwest NSX owners Facebook group, you will get more interest. I'd love to attend but rarely check Prime these days.
Guys, I saw Rich's car on BaT earlier. Should we link it here or otherwise try to drum up some attention to the car for his widow?
I think Rich sold his car a good few months ago so at this point it's someone else flipping it.
I think Rich sold his car a good few months ago so at this point it's someone else flipping it.

The seller of Rich's car is doing so on behalf of Angeles, Rich's wife. He purchased it from Rich but decided he already has too many red/black early model NSX's so he agreed to pass on any money above and beyond what he bought it for to Angeles.

Let's hope it goes for a big number!

Also, I will be there for the drive!
Do the Chicago guys want to meet up at the Lake Forest oasis and cruise up together? Maybe meet around 8:30 and leave by 9? Should be about an hour drive from there.
Works for me. See you there!