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2017 door window / key fob issue

21 July 2020
Has anyone had an issue with the passenger door window resetting and raising when the door is still open ? Makes it so you cannot close the door.

Also noticed door handle pops out on approach, but will not allow the door to open if the vehicle is locked. 10% of the time a double pull will slow, but 90% of the time I have to use the fob to unlock it and then it will open.

The dealer seems fairly incompetent and I gave them a heads up two weeks before I brought the car in to email for assistance.

Replaced batteries in remotes and reprogrammed the and now they don’t work if the car is running. Ie. cannot pop trunk if outside car.
There are some items that you can reprogram in the car through the touch screen such as when you unlock do both doors unlock or just the driver side. The pop out door handles can be turned off or on via the glove box buttons inside. You can access the customized options via the screen. Check your owner's manual page 232 to 254 for all the options. It is pretty easy to do. As for your windows not dropping when the door is opened, what is the state of your battery (12volt)? You can also reboot the system by disconnecting the battery cables and then touching them together for a few seconds. Then reconnect the terminals and the system will reset pretty much everything. But it sounds more like a battery issue. Do that first.

May 2017 B17050B Version 1Opening Doors Without 12-Volt PowerAFFECTED VEHICLES2017 NSXIf the 12-volt power goes out (the battery goes dead or it’s disconnected), the door glass won’t go to the partial down position when you open a door. Keep in mind that although the door glass seems to be shut tight, the door opening seal is actually flexible enough so you can open the door without damaging it. You just need to pull on the outer door handle a little harder.On the other hand, closing a door without 12-volt power is another matter. Never try it or you will damage the seal!To close the door, you must first restore power. As soon as it’s restored, the door glass will automatically go to the partial down position so there’s no seal damage as the door closes.
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Thanks for your reply, however the settings and glove box switches are not the issue.

The passenger window goes down when opening and then two seconds later goes back up regardless if the door is open or closed.

If it’s open it makes it so you cannot close the door without again opening the handle.
Then you can try and do a reset as I mentioned. That should reboot everything. Obviously when you open the door with the handle the window drops a bit and remains that way until you close it. I have found that if I do not completely close the door the window will not move up and seal. So it sounds like yours is out of sequence.
Turned out to be a passenger door switch.

Door handle signal to drop window worked but the door switch faulted closed so it raised window.

On side note, since remote reprogram I can no longer

1. Pop hatch with the car running
2. Lock door when car is running / warming up

Dealer is telling me that’s normal behavior but I have done this since I had the vehicle.

Can anyone confirm if you can lock doors while running and/or pop trunk ?
Can anyone confirm if you can lock doors while running and/or pop trunk ?

No, I cannot lock or unlock the doors or pop the trunk with the key fob while the car is running.
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Thanks, annoying to not be able to let the car warm up and lock it without using the physical key.

Also strange to not be able to pop the hatch with it running using the fob. I’ve never come across a car that doesn’t allow this, other than the RDX loaner they gave me.

Suppose won’t matter since can’t lock the doors anyways and if you use the physical key, cannot unlock with the key fob if it’s running or not lol.